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The Flyfishers Annual is published in Australia with the aim of promoting the ethics of fly fishing, educating flyfishers on the latest techniques and motivating them to expand their horizons.

This hardback publication has become a collectors' item for fly fishers and anglers alike. The Annual reflects trends and directions in fly fishing around the world. Their contributors include a host of respected writes from almost every country and every continent.


Fly Fishing is a way of life. The Flyfishers Annual reflects that way of life.


A limited number of this publication has been produced annually and
released in November. Many volumes have sold out. To reserve your copy
you have to contact Australian Fishing Network as early as possible.

This can be done by mail or by visiting their Internet site.
Letters should be directed to, Australian Fishing Network, PO Box 544 Croydon, Victoria. 3136 Australia.


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