Links to other sites on the Web

Beginning Fly Fishing
A Beginners Netguide to Fly Fishing
Fly Fishing Glossary of Terms
Building your own rod easier than you think, some guidelines
The Whip Finish Without Tools (also animated, please wait)
Water Science for Schools
A Basic Guide to Saltwater Fly Fishing
National Fishing in Schools Program
FlyFishing Schools. Learn How To..
How To Cast a Fly
Fly Fishing Lessions and Tuition UK

Fly Fishing Magazines on the Web
Fish & Fly
Fly Fishers' Republic
FlyFishing and FlyTying Magazine
Fly Anglers Online Magazine
Drake Fly Fishing Magazine
Fine Fishing Internet Magazine (An Awarded Fishing Site)
Fly Fish America Magazine
German Fishing E-zine
FlyLife Online Magazine
Art of Angling Journal (Wow..)
Montana Fly Fishing Magazine
This is Fly Magazine
Pohjolan Perhokalastaja (in Finnish)
Chasing Silver Fly Fishing Magazine

Fly Fishing Instructors Qualification
FFF Casting Instructor
AAPGAI Professional Fly Fishing Instruction Association
SGAIC Home Page website
TLT Academy

Fly Fishing - Charity engagements
Casting for Recovery VT USA
Casting for Recovery UK & Ireland
Healing Waters Project
The Masonic Fishing Charity
The Wye & Usk Foundation

Fly Fairs
Fly Fishing Film Festival and Fly Fair, UK
Fly Happening in Belgium
La Fête de la Pêche à la Mouche
Flyfishing Shows
British Fly Fair International
iFish Fly Fair
Irish Fly Fair Galway
Finnish Fly Fishing Fair
The Fly Fishing Show
Erlebniswelt Fliegenfischen EWF Exhibition

Associations and Clubs
The Midnight Sun Fly Casters, Fairbanks
Michigan Flyfishing Club
Stithian Flyfishing Club
Sydney Fly Rodders' Website
Kuusamon Perhokalastajat - in Finnish
Keski-Suomen Perhokalastajat - in Finnish
Federation of Fly Fishers
The Anglers of the Au Sable
The American Fly Fishing Trade Association
Pirkanmaan Perhokalastajat (in Finnish)
European Fly Fishing Association
The Izaak Walton Fly Fishing Club
International Women Fly Fishers (in Finnish)
UMAN Flugfiskeförening (Swedish fly angling club)
The Upper Saugeen Habitat Restoration Association
Czech Fishing Union
The Brittish Float Tube Association
Southern Lapland River Guides
The Jersey Coast Anglers Association
FQSA (With the World Fly Tying comp to save Salmon)
International Game Fish Association
Theodore Gordon Flyfishers (TGF)
The Angling Club of Tolmin
American Casting Association
Trout Unlimited
The Grayling Society
The International Fly Fishing Association
England Youth Flyfishing Assocation
American Fishing Society
De Pompemich vliegvisvereniging van Friesland
Atlantic Salmon Federation
Schweizerischer Fischerei-Verband
The Royal Belgian Casting Club & Links (Belgium)
Fish Unlimited Conservational Association
Wild Trout Association (UK)
International Women Fly Fishers
The Ogmore Angling Association
The Potteries Fly Tying Club
Rutland Water Fly Fishers
Quamby Fly Fishers Club, Tasmania

Fly Tying and Entomology
The 25th Annual NW Fly Tying & Fly Fishing Expo (Oregon USA)
The Czech Nymph(From the source!)
Jan's Virtual Fly Box
Hareline Dubbin Inc.
Damsels and Dragons
Nymphing with the RS2 Fly
Southern Catskill Hatch Chart(Exellent info and smart #1 site)
Aquatic Insects Photo Gallery (Photo by Toshi Karita Japan )
Wojtek Kudłacz Fly Blog (in Polish)
Francesco Palu Fly tyer and Fly Fisher site
The Wonderful World of Insects
Mayflies Info Site
Mayfly Central
Caddis Flies
The Finnish Fly Files ("The trout is out there!")
Jan Rozema Fly Site and others at EUR-FLYFISH@

Cane and Bamboo Rods
Making a Split Cane Rod
Bamboo Rodmaking Tips
Taransky Bamboo Rods
Mog Bamboo Rods Links
Scott Bamboo Fly Rods
Power Fibers Online
Bamboo Fly Rod Library, I mean Cane...
Contemporary Bamboo Fly Rod Makers of Japan
Bamboo Pursuits
Cane Rod Buildling Faq (Bruce Conner)
J.L. Bradley Bamboo Fly Rods
Collectible Cane
Links to Classic Cane Rods
Golden Witch Fly Rods
American Bamboo Rodmakers Association
Max Rods
Fosters Cane Rod service
Classic Cane
P.J. Julius Rod Company

Bamboo Fly Rod Magazines
On building bamboo fly rods - an Online magazine
The Bamboo Fly Rod Magazine
Baginski's Split Cane Book

Links to Knots
Grog's Fishing Knots - animated
Exellent Link collection for Knots
And here one of the goodies for fly fishing
Some illustrated fishing knots
The International Guild of Knot Tyers
Orvis Knots
Fly fishing knots from Denver
Killroy knots site
Strong Knots for Camping (kindly sent by a contact)

Fish facts & Spieces
The central resource for fishing community
California Trout, Keeper of the Streams
Fisheries Research Service (Scotland)
Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Fish facts
Atlantic Salmon (facts from SLU-Sweden)
Pacific Salmon on the Net
Fish Faq(shortcut)
Ume Marine Sciences Centre
Stockholm Marine Research Centre (SMF)
The Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research
Fisheries Research Institute (Slovenia)

Fly Fishing Info Sites and Links to links....
Net Vet (Very Useful Linkstore)
Zeeking(Fishing Resources Norweigan Site)
Fly Fishing
A Flyfishing Link Site
The Flyguide (more than 500 links)
The fishing Hole
Fly Fishing Internet Links (now discontinued though)
Fly fishing Links
University of New Hampshire Library Special Collections(Fly Fishing Resources)
Colorado Fly Casting and links
Fish Seekers Top 50 links
Fly Fishing Links and Wine, just taste it!
All the links you'll ever need, perhaps thousands of them
International Fly Fishing Sites
Women's Flyfishing
Fishermans Heaven
Davis&Brown Links
Fly Fishing Forum

World Fly Fishing Sites and Links
Fujioka's Home Page (Japan)
On the Trout Stream
The Italian site of Flyfishing
Flyfishing in Wales
Howard's Fishing Links
Japan Fly Links
Fly fishing world (Brazil)
South African Trout Sites
Lima, un torrente, la pesca, le trote, le dighe (In Italian)
Angeln-(in German)
Pesca com Mosca (Brazilian Fly Fishing)
Nearly all Finnish fishing links
FlyTalk from Norway
Fishing in Czeck Republic
NaMuche (in Polish)
The Portugal Flyfishing web site
Peche Mouche Pyrenees(in French)
Fishing in Southern Sweden (in swedish, english and german)
Peche a la mouche en Alsace
SexyLoops Fly Fishing
Europe in fly fishing (in French)
Australian link store
Links to Fish&Game Related Sites in USA
Pipam (Italy)
De NNVV (Dutch Fly Fishing)
Sportsfiskeri i Norden (Denmark)
Finnish Flies with Links (Finland)
Fishing in Finland
Fly Fishing in Arizona and Links
USA goes fishing
Ol' Paws Fishin' Page - 800+ Fishing links.
Sites De Peche a la Mouche en Europe
LW's Fishing Site (Fishing links also Swedish)
Cyber Fly Links (Ostermann-Germany)
II Martin Pescatore (Italian fly fishing site)

Webdirectories and Search Engines
UK Fishing Directory
Fly Fishing in DMOZ
The Webangler Links Site
Query Flyfish Archives (Dunn)
WWW Fishing List (Purtell)
Directory: Fishing from A-Z
LJ's WWW Directory for all Fly Fishing
Webdirectory-Amazing Environmental Organization
Swedish Webdirectory-Fiske
Search Fly Fishing-Yahoo UK-Ireland
Translate your fly fishing language - LYCOS

Fly Fishing Competitions
World Fly Fishing Championship 2013 in Norway
World Fly Fishing Championships, Slovenia 2012
European Fly Fishing Championship 1998 (Italian team nr 1 and Polish individual winner)
European Fly Fishing Championship1999
European Fly Fishing Championship 2000
European Fly Fishing Championship 2007
World Fly Fishing Championship 2002
FIPS-Mouche - International Fly Fishing Federation
World Fly Fishing Championship 2003
World Fly Fishing Championship 2008
The World Cup Trout Fly Fishing Competition

Fly Fishing Reports and Information
North Wales Country Fair 2011
CALFED's Environmental Water Program
The USGS Real-Time Water Data
The Fly Fishing Forums North America
Seiten rund um`s Fliegenfischen
Solunar Tables
Moon Phases
Weather Charts on the Net
La Laponie Suedoise
The physics of Fly Casting
Casting Angles-Fly Rod Testing(MBrown)
Five Essentials of Fly Casting
News from Federation of Fly Fishers FFF(dated 25-02-98)
Flyanglers Online
The Whip-Like Physics of Fly Fishing
Fly Fish for Carp
Swedish Scouting

Personal Fly Fishing Sites
The Global Fly Fisher
Jan's Fly Fishing Site (In English and Dutch)
Ally's Angling Page(Your APGAI-guide on the net)
Hans van Klinken homepage
Soul of Streams
Piero Letizia Fly Fishing School
Trout Net (BobO)
The Website of Günter Feuerstein
Tero Ronkainen Fly Tying Master
Jazz and Fly Fishing, Wild Waters
Mr Pompero - Heikki Anttonen Home Page
StevenOjai's Fly Fishing the Sierra
Alan Barnard's Fly Tying Pages
Sharon's Links to Fly Fishing and Diary

Grayling, the Lady of the Stream
The Grayling Society
The Grayling Research Trust
Grayling in Wales
Thymallus Aurora Biella Fly fishing club
Alphabetical listing of sites which pursue Grayling
Fluvial Arctic grayling
The Finnish Grayling Site

Saving Salmo Salar
Some of us who fight for saving Salmon (more than 2000 individuals)
Lehigh River Stocking Association
NRC Fisheries Sites
The Salmon Site of The Alaska Department of Fish and Game
The Riverwatch On-Line
Endangered Species Home Page
Surf your Watershed
The Atlantic Salmon Watch Program
Reddvillaksen - Save Wild Salmon
Programs against Overfishing

River Conservation
FP&WDFA Associationl
The Pacific Rivers Council
SPCA Fisheries Consultants
Spring Creek Aquatic Concepts
Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association
Trout in the Classroom
Mid Columbia RFEG
Idaho Rivers United
The Columbia & Snake Rivers Campaign
Creekbank Flyfishing & Stream Restoration (USA)
California Trout (USA)
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Five Rivers Environmental Contracting (UK)
The River Dee
The Wild Trout Trust
The Wye & Usk Foundation

Sport Fishing Links
The American Sportfishing Association
Environment Agency - Fishing Regulations
Sport Fishing Fair in Duisburg
China Guangzhou International Sport Fishing Fair
Peeters Hengelsport
B&B Worldwide Fishing Adventures
The Australian National Sportfishing Association
Fishing Guides Homepage

Fly Fishing Locations
Kilcoleman Fishery
Fly Fishing in Argentina
Angler's Tierra del Fuego
Katmai Lodge Trophy Fishing Area
Extreme fly fishing in Canada
Fly Gal Adventure Canada
The Famed Kuusinki River Finland
Call of The Wild, Norway
Highland Trout Angling with Lesley Crawford
Guided fly fishing holidays for grayling and wild brown trout on the San River, Poland
Jackson Hole info
The Mavungana Flyfishing Centre South Africa
Merikarvianjoki, Finland
Fly Fishing Finland
Marble Canyon Outfitters, Colorado River
ROFF(Fly fishing in Northern Sweden)
Mastery Adventurous Fly Fishing in Norway
Famed Fly Fishing in Falkenberg (Southern Sweden)
Fly Fish Patagonia
Dragonfly Anglers
Anglers Lodge - FlyFish Mataura
North Carolina Fly Fishing
R and R Fly Fishing Tennessee
River's Edge Guide Service
Idsjöströmmen Fly Fishing Sweden
Pacific Club-Travel with Mel Krieger(1928-2008)

Casting Sport
International Casting Sport Federation
Finnish Fly Casting Federation
C.C. Ruffnecks RY
About Tournament Casting, Thomas Maire

Certified Fly Fishing Guides
Gary Bell Fly Fishing Ireland
Chris Dore, Queenstown, New Zealand
Alberto Laidlaw APGAI Instructor

Fly Fishing in TV/Video/Media
Only The River Knows
Global Fly Fishing Media
Chasing Silver Fly Fishing Magazine
The New Fly Fisher TV Show
Trufflepig Films
African Angling TV Safaris
Mountain Media - Fly Fishing Productions
Rollcast Productions

Fishermans Tools
Fly Fishing Point
Kabuto Rods
Aspen Reels - made in USA
Derek McKenzie Fly Fishing Outfitters - Australia and New Zealand
Costa Sun Glasses handcrafted in Florida
Premium Sun Glasses
American Museum of Fly Fishing
Catskill Fly Fishing Center
CrosbyGarret rods, New Zealand
CTS Fishing, New Zealand Fly Rods
Czech Nymph
Siman Fly Fishing
Kiene's Fly Shop
Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters
Chota Outdoor Gear
Patagonia Clothing and Gear
ECHO Rods and Reels
Orvis Official Store
Partridge Hooks
Royal Gorge Anglers
Umpqua Feather Merchants

Weather Links
World Weather from Norway
World Weather

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