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Newsflash 2000-06-13


UPSTREAM: Meditations on Fly Fishing
Essay by Thomas McGuane
Photographs by Charles Lindsay

Upstream is a combination of
two arts merged to convey the essence of
the beauty of the natural world.

Thomas McGuane has written an essay to
accompany the photographs of Charles Lindsay
in which he "The face of creation takes in
everything with a level stare…only in
observation of nature can we recover that

In pursuit of trout and solitude,
Charles Lindsay immerses himself in the
clear, rushing waters of the American West.
Fly rod in hand, Lindsay explores the ancient
rituals between predator and prey.
With his camera in hand, Lindsay
enters the world of the trout.
96 pages 55 images in duotone. Published by Aperture

GREAT WATER GREAT FISH(or Streams of Dreams

as it is called in UK), by John Ross,
is unique in the way that it is the first fly fishing
book printed partly relying on the contacts made on
Internet for its contence.

This comprehensive world wide guide to the finest fly
Fishing waters around, include all the info you need for
the ultimate fly fishing experience.

Great reading on world waters and world fish!!
It includes:
-Discover the most sublime waters for sockeye, rainbow,
char, taimen, sailfish and tarpon….just to mention a few.
-Note the best beats, the best flies, tackle, ghillies and boats.
-Locate fabulous fishing lodges, camps and rances.

This book is ideal for the fly fishing expert or beginner alike
who wants to plan trips to remote locations and know what
to expect from the fishing, the facilites and how to get there.

160 pages and 145 color images, published by Quintet
Publishing Ltd.
and sold here


The River Lindome, which has been closed for the last 50 years, reopened today for spawning runs.
An area of 18000 square meters suitable for spawning and smolt will hopefully add new support to the threatened spieces of sea trout and salmon.


It was the first scientific stocking program to use radio-tagged fish in Sweden. This was to determine if the habitat in river Lögde was ideal for a program with supplementary stocking over a short period of time to raise the future population of brown trout.

A newly released report has shown some very positive results. It has also been confirmed that this habitat, which from a scientists view is very similar to the habitats in the Kola peninsula where big trout thrive in large numbers, really is suitable for a much larger number of fish than local anglers have allowed in the past prior to a C&R-program in Lögde River was developed.

This initial "strengthening" of stock is therefore not planned to continue, because as the report and biological data have shown, there will be no need for it in the future.

The fish do thrive in the area.

Furthermore there are vast areas of wilderness around, with a large system of lakes ideal for pike. A fish regarded as trash fish there and not fished on at all. So hefty giants lurk there just waiting for your fly!

To this comes the unique co operation with the Saami people that will allow some visitors to fish previously not fished areas in a Helifishing program. There the fish are brown trout, and char mainly at about 2-3kilos.

So if you don't get any prompt answers from me when accessing my site, please have patience because I'm fishing this area between June 15-22.




The cod, says Kurlansky, "is not a nice guy": fecund, voracious, omnivorous - "if ever a fish were made to endure,
it is the Atlantic cod. But it has among its predators man, an open-mouthed species greedier than the cod".

I just can´t help promoting this fascinating little book
so please accept my apologies for linking to a review by Ann Skea for you to explore.


The Federation of Fly Fishers today announced the five most endangered
fisheries in the nation at its international conference in Gatlinburg,
Tennessee. These fish habitats face immediate danger, with some of the
world's most prized species on the verge of extinction.

The five fisheries and the reason each is endangered includes:
1. Wolf River, Wisconsin - Potential new mining hazard.
2. Crooked Creek, Arkansas - Existing Gravel Mining degrading water quality.
3. Big Spring Run, Pennsylvania - Improper Hatchery operations creating
poor water quality.
4. Snake River, Idaho - Federal Dams impeding the migration of salmon and
5. San Joaquin River, CA - Devastation of steelhead by development,
logging and mining.

These endangered fisheries represent a snapshot of the appalling state of
many of America's fish habitats. The threats to species like bass and
salmon, and their ecosystems, are urgent and steps must be taken now to
prevent further irreversible decline.


In Djursholm Stockholm the Billecart-Salmon 1959 recently was voted to be the Champagne of this Millennium. This means that together with the almost extinct wild Atlantic-Salmon, it is one of the most rare "Salmons" of the world. Only some 20 odd bottles left. How many wild atlantic salmons there still are is continously under debate.

But we fly fishers know them to be too few. Don´t we?

Please remember to support endangered spieces.
-you´ll find some links to suitable associations on my links site, or visit Netscape ODP


For interested fellow anglers, in related info, the University
of Wyoming's American Heritage Museum holds an incredible collection of
historic flyfishing, hunting, and outdoor books.

Books such as "Walden" (1st edition, 1854) by Henry David Thoreau,
"The Complete Angler" (6th edition, 1797) by Izaak Walton,
and "Favorite Flies" (1892) by Mary Orvis-Marbury
are held in the museum's Toppan Library, named for a
Jackson Hole resident whose widow, Clara, donated the collection.

Of the many rare angling books present, perhap the extremely rare
copy of "Dry Fly Entomology, First De Luxe edition" (1897) by Frederick
M. Halford with its thick pages that are indented in the center, or with raised
margins if you will, which allows the book to hold actual dry flies tied
in the 19th century is the most impressive.
If you're passing through Laramie, WY, to fish or en route elsewhere,
the Toppan Library's definitely worth the stop.
For further information on the collection, or to make reservations
to view the collection, you can contact collection curator Anne Marie Lane
at 307-766-2565 or at e-mail address amlane@uwyo.edu.

Also please note theFINAL CHANCE TO ENTER The Worldwide Trout Open! in UK. 

Watch this space!

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