Somewhere, there is a stream...


by Paul Martyna Esq.


Where the riffles run clear and bright
And the water speaks with the crystal
Chatter of a promise.

Where the light dances across the grassy fringe
And sparkles on the shining droplets
Of water as they leap from the mossy rocks
Playing with the air before
Falling back into natures fold.

Where hidden pools lie
Deep and secret
With slow eddies of shadow and water
Swirling solemnly through
Offering respite to the large finned
Princes of the river.

Where the hatches rise with
Dawn's warming rays
And rings appear to show
The stirred boldness of
Shy and canny river dwellers.

Where the music of the
Water and the wind
Rock the mind gently
As in the cup of a great Hand
Bringing Peace and wonder.

Where the Rainbows run fast
The Browns run deep
The Cutthroat hide and
The Brookies surprise.

Where a blue sky
With clouds recalls
Days of past glory
And time on the river with friends.

And where walks a man
Rod in his hand
Thoughts of family and friends
In his heart and mind

As he strips out his line
And gently casts
Perfect loops appear
To echo his smile.

Somewhere there is a stream....


Paul Martyna "Creating a fly that will catch a fish is art
Releasing a fish that would catch a fly is a masterpiece."

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