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EFFC 1998
  Fly Fishing, a goal in itself.
  The European Fly-Fishing Championship in 1998 - A success
  for Italians
continuous struggle to beat the mosquitoes. They were all over making it hard for the fish to find the artificial ones.
Not surprisingly our fly fishing friends from Italy, Poland and Czech Republic beat all with their superb stream fishing tactics.
A technique hardly known in Sweden, the
short line nymphing technique.
The Italian team won, with Czech Republic as the runner up. Poland was third.
The individual placing were a confirmation of the excellent stream fishing tactics that the Poles have developed and Kazimierz Szymala beat Edgardo Dona from Italy on second place with Edoardo Ferrero on third place was the polite host with best angler on 16th.
Although being a serious event for some, the majority of participants certainly shared the view of a friendly meeting, where wetting the flies was more important than winning!
Photo: Bengt Larsson
Final results and congrats to all.
The European Fly fishing Championship was this year held in southern Lapland, Sweden. Malå as host for the event revealed that fly fishing in Sweden is a
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Please observe that all information here reflects my personal ambition to help. Changes may therefore occur officially at any time.
I am not official spokesman for the event, but feel it as an obligation to aid my fellow fly fishermen. Because without my suggestions and your kind help internationally in Fips Mouché and others,  the event would probably not be in Sweden at all.
I really hope all visitors will have their nets full with memorable fishing. Welcome to Sweden and EFFC 1998. Harry Salmgren
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