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Fly Fishing Fairs
Report from Finnish Fly Fair 2011 - "Generosity and skills – the hallmark of Fly Fishing Fairs."
Report from Nordic Fly Fairs - "The computer in today's development of fly gear, accessories and education."
Report from Finnish Fly Fair - "Fly Fairs vitalise our beloved fly fishing."
Report from Swedish Fly Fair - "It is evident that the fly fishing industry is in debt to the individuals who help it to develope."

Fly Fishing Competition Reports
Results from the 8th Oceania Fly Fishing Championships 2011
Guiding report XXIth WFFC - "Info on the XXIth World Fly Fishing Championship in Sweden where six teams were guided by Southern Lapland River Guides."

Report from World Fly Fishing Competition in Australia - "Notes on the ongoings of the World Fly Fishing Competition."
Continuing WFFC in Australia - "Flyfish Reports from WFFC!"
Report from the area of WFFC - "General Information The Snowy Mountains region is Australia's premier mainland trout fishery."

Fly Fishing Reports
Report from Swedish Lapland - "Terry Lawton reports."
Report from Swedish Lapland - "Terry Lawton reports-part II."
Scandinavian fly fishing - "Jerome Philipon visits Razortrout"
Flyfishing Green River - "Kevin Griggs reports"
Flyfishing for Rudd - "Richard Duiker reports from Holland"
Scandinavian fly fishing - "Jerome Philipon visits Swedish Lapland"
Beekforel en Zalm in Dutch
Fly Fishing a German story - "Fisher2Fisher reports"

Fly Fishing Poems
A Time to Fish - Play by Jess Thompson Esq
Somewhere, there is a stream - by Paul Martyna Esq

How to cast a fly
IFFA Rod Building seminar
Whip Finish made easy

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