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Vrigstad Coarse-anglingcenter

It's sometimes said that the province of Småland in southern Sweden is a "Lapland" in miniature. That is to say, the characteristics of the forest lands of northern Sweden can also be found in the highlands of southern Sweden around Sävsjö. And certainly the lakes are myriad, the conifer forest deep and the swamp and moss lands like "Store Mosse" are familiar from parts further north, with both cloud berries and wild rosemary growing there in good years.

Elk and roe deer thrive for the joy for hunters in almost troublesome numbers here. The fox is on the increase and there are innumerable hares for the benefit of fly tiers with hares-ear nymph on their menu. The osprey is often seen circling hunting for food for its young.

Vrigstadortens Fiskevårdsområde offers year-round sport fishing
in an area that covers about 380ha of lakes and streams where River Lagan has its sources with the lakes Slättsjön, Lundholmssjön, Pelikroken, Högebrosjön, Franssjön, Hålsjön, Sunnerbysjön, Kyrkarps-
sjön, Storån, Storsjön and Lillesjön.
Special map is available for the fishing area.

Fish species:
Pike, perch, zander, burbot, eel, bream, dace and roach.

Fishing permit:
One-day license SEK 20. per person. One week SEK 50.per person.
Season permit SEK 100. per person. Year-round license SEK 200. per
person. Angling is free for children 15 years old or younger.




Of course the northern pike is the number one fish, with the zander as the runner up. But perch, eel and bream together with the tench are the angler's favorites.
In these regions, where the little red cabin near the lake is so often the visitors prime objective, the angler also seeks his specimen fish. Also international finals in fishing competitions like Embassy Challenge and Scandinavian Seaways Challenge have been held here.

However most visitors prefer spinning using ultra-light spinning gear or bait casting to challenge the wily pike or zander "thunder". The guide suggests -not without cause- changing to a stronger leader than is usually used.
A zander may weigh between 11 and 18 pounds and is rather strong. Whereas a pike of the same weight is even more tenacious. Steel trace is recommended closest to the bait.



An Angling Center for all tastes.

Fishing permits are sold at:
Dan's Fritidsbod, Vrigstad, phone +46 382-30195
Statoil Serviceshop, Vrigstad, phone +46 382-30029
Vrigstad Tourist center, phone +46 382-575000

Boats for rent:
Statoil Serviceshop, Vrigstad, phone +46 382-30029.

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