Welcome to Flyfish´s Reports from WFFC!
Here I´ll try to fit in small notes on the on goings of the World Fly Fishing while participating in the Championships in Australia. The daily reports will be visible to all our readers..


Some short lines on travel and camaraderie
Most of the teams participating in the World Fly Fishing Champs are naturally not from Australia. Actually they come from all over to do the ting they love the most - to fly fish. This really is enhanced by the camaraderie and exchange of ideas, fishing techniques, flies and more. Apart from that, there is also one big issue joining us all together; the environmental care.

So to participate I myself fly from Scandinavia via Copenhagen, London to Sydney, and from there I go to Jindabyne to fish.

From there I´ll be able to send updated reports on the event here. But if the techniques won't play, please be patient. Later in any case I´ll add both some photos and a report on the event.



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